How to Kill a Juggernaut in Gun Raiders

The new update brought juggernauts to Gun Raiders and whilst they are most definitely OP, they are not invincible. But, let’s face it, you’re going to have to have several spawns to kill one if you’re not a juggernaut yourself – particularly if they have a little gang of juggs all protecting one another. The … Read more

Gun Raiders Juggernaut: WTF is the point?

The latest patch bought with it potions, which are a fun way of getting additional time-bound (5 minutes) abilities. Whilst I love the idea of this and I do think it makes the game interesting to have abilities such as infinite fuel, regeneration and always-on radar, I feel that the Juggernaut potion is pointless! This … Read more


The latest patch brings us some bug fixes and changes to gameplay. With our larger levels, we’ve increased glide speed and the amount of fuel you have in your jetpack. Want to always get sent back to a Hardcore hub? We also added a difficulty toggle into the pause menu to allow you to pick … Read more