Revolver Stats
Damage (headshot)57
Damage (body shot)38
Damage (limb shot)29

The revolver is a six-shooter that does decent damage.


Advantages of using the Revolver include:

  • Decent damage
  • Quick to reload


Disadvantages of using the Dual Pistols include:

  • Only six shots before reloading
  • Short range
  • Slow rate of fire compared to automatic weapons

How to use the Revolver

The revolver can be found holstered on your right hip. Grab it with either your right or left hand using the grip button and press the trigger to fire it.

Although the revolver does decent damage, the slow rate of fire means it is not very effective on its own. So it is best used with another one-handed weapon such as the assault rifle or katana.

How to reload the Revolver

To reload the Revolver, simply point them down towards the ground.