Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle Stats
Damage (headshot)45
Damage (body shot)30
Damage (limb shot)23

The Assault Rifle (AR) is one of the easiest to use and most effective weapons.


Advantages of using the assault rifle include:

  • Decent damage
  • Decent range
  • Can easily be used one-handed


Disadvantages of using the assault rifle include:

  • Requires at least 3 direct hits to the head to kill an opponent
  • Spray and recoil reduce accuracy
  • Usually need to reload between kills

How to use the Assault Rifle

Simply aim the assault rifle at your opponent and press the trigger button.

The weapon can be used both one-handed and two-handed. Gripping with both hands improves accuracy because you can use the sights and there is less recoil, however, you will not have a hand free for flying, climbing or wall-jumping.

When you fire the Assault Rifle, the recoil forces the gun upwards, so you need constantly readjust your aim (downwards) to stay on target.

The alternate fire option can be toggled using the B/Y buttons and allows you to shoot in short bursts of three bullets each time you press the trigger. This is in contrast to normal mode where you hold down the trigger and shoot for as long as you need or until the magazine is empty.

How to reload the Assault Rifle

To reload the assault rifle:

  1. Press A/X to release the spent magazine
  2. Reach down to your left hip with your free hand and grab a fresh magazine with the grip trigger
  3. Transfer the fresh magazine to the assault rifle and release the grip trigger