Katana Stats
Damage (headshot)200
Damage (body shot)70
Damage (limb shot)53

The Knife is one of only two melee weapons (along with the katana) and can instakill with a headshot.


Advantages of using the Knife include:

  • Decent damage (high damage for headshots)
  • Can be dual-wielded with another weapon
  • Speed boost


Disadvantages of using the Knife include:

  • Need to be close to target to use
  • Tricky to get a direct hit

How to use the Knife

You can spawn the knife in either hand by pressing both the grip and trigger buttons together. Once it has spawned, you can release the trigger.

All you have to do to get a hit is point the weapon at your target and run into them.

You can only spawn one knife at a time and whilst you’re holding it, you get a small speed boost.

The knife can be dual-wielded with other one-handed weapons, such as the assault rifle or SMG.