Dual Uzis

Dual Uzis Stats
Damage (headshot)23
Damage (body shot)15
Damage (limb shot)12

The Dual Uzis are quick-firing automatic weapons.


Advantages of using the Dual Uzis include:

  • Quick to reload
  • Quick firing
  • Two weapons


Disadvantages of using the Dual Uzis include:

  • Can be difficult to aim with two guns simulataneously
  • Requires both hands

How to use the Dual Uzis

Using the Dual Uzis means that you get a weapon in each hand and can technically fire in two directions at once. To use the DUal Uzis, simply hold them with the grip button, aim, and fire with the trigger.

Because you have a weapon in each hand, you will not have a hand free for climbing or wall-jumping. You will also not be able to fire them when flying unless you position yourself so that your target is around 90-degrees to the side of you.

Although the damage of the Dual Uzis may seem low, remember that these numbers are per uzi, so if you hit the target with both weapons, you effectively double these numbers – this puts the Dual Uzis on par with the Assault Rifle in terms of damage.

How to reload the Dual Uzis

To reload the Dual Uzis, simply point them down towards the ground.