Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle Stats
Damage (headshot)200/100
Damage (body shot)100/50
Damage (limb shot)75/38

The Sniper Rifle is a long-range, high-damage weapon that can instakill with a single shot to the head.


Advantages of using the Sniper Rifle include:

  • High damage
  • Long range


Disadvantages of using the Sniper Rifle include:

  • Slow rate of fire
  • Time needed to aim and get a clean shot
  • Only holds 5 bullets
  • Can be difficult to hit fast-moving targets

How to use the Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is most accurate when held in both hands and the scope is used to pinpoint the shot. Ideally, you will want to aim at your opponent’s head to cause the most dame. Sometimes, you may wish to aim slightly in front of your opponent if they are moving.

When using the Sniper Rifle, you will be prone, so it is useful to find a strategic position from which to snipe. This will often mean high ground or with your back against the wall to prevent attacks from behind.

Alternative fire can be accessed by pressing the B or Y buttons. This activates the rapid-fire mode, which increases the rate of fire but reduces the damage caused.

You should practice quickly switching to an easier weapon, such as the assault rifle if an opponent gets close to you.

Some players are adept at using the Sniper Rifle one-handed and can fly around the map taking out their opponents with a single shot. This skill can be difficult to master but well worth the effort.

How to reload the Sniper Rifle

To reload the Sniper Rifle:

  1. Press A/X to release the spent magazine
  2. Reach down to your left hip with your free hand and grab a fresh magazine with the grip trigger
  3. Transfer the fresh magazine to the sniper rifle and release the grip trigger