Gauntlet Stats
Damage (headshot)100-200
Damage (body shot)50-100
Damage (limb shot)50-100

The Gauntlets are one of only three melee weapons (along with the knife and katana) and can double up as a shield.


Advantages of using the Gauntlets include:

  • They can block attacks (including bullets)
  • Decent damage


Disadvantages of using the Gauntlets include:

  • Tricky to get a hit
  • Damage is inconsistent

How to use the Gauntlets

The Gauntlets are primarily a defensive weapon. They are large armoured gloves that you can use to block bullets and slash attacks by holding them between you and your opponent. However, you cannot completely cover your body and good players will be able to aim their weapons between the cracks in your armour.

The Gauntlets also cause a decent amount of damage. It seems that every third hit does additional damage as a sort of combo. For example, if you get three hits to the head, the first two will do 100 damage and the third will do 200 damage.

In addition, the damage caused seems to change depending on how hard you strike your opponent. To cause the maximum damage, you have to strike hard (or use the boost) and ideally target the head.