The latest patch brings us some bug fixes and changes to gameplay.

With our larger levels, we’ve increased glide speed and the amount of fuel you have in your jetpack. Want to always get sent back to a Hardcore hub? We also added a difficulty toggle into the pause menu to allow you to pick your preferred Hub difficulty. There were some pretty weird issues going on with our physics engine and we’re hoping this build has smoothed some of them out. We also buffed Dual Pistols!

– Increased mobility. Glide speed and fuel increased.
– New Difficulty setting
– Stability updates
– Dual Pistols Buffed: Alt fire shoots tighter spread and base damage and range has been increased
– Holsters should be holstering weapons much better now
– Fix: Minigun quickly toggling alt fire should show proper spread
– Fix: No more double damage with Sniper into the water

Lebo – Gun Raiders Dev

The extra jetpack fuel and flying speed are awesome! It’s now possible to fly around for longer and perform riskier manoeuvres in the air. It also means that you don’t have to take rest breaks clinging to walls when you’re halfway towards your destination as you wait for your jetpack to refuel. I absolutely love this change 🙂

I wasn’t aware of the issues that were fixed so they didn’t really affect me.

I don’t use the Dual Pistols very much because I like to have one hand free for climbing and gliding (same logic with the dual uzis and minigun) but I may give them another try now they’ve been buffed.

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