Katana Stats
Damage (headshot)150/211
Damage (body shot)44/62
Damage (limb shot)33/46

The Katana is one of only two melee weapons (along with the knife) and can inflict high damage in close quarters.


Advantages of using the Katana include:

  • High damage
  • Spirit mode


Disadvantages of using the Katana include:

  • Need to be close to target to use
  • Need to use both hands to inflict maximum damage

How to use the Katana

Although the normal mode is called ‘slash mode’, you don’t actually have to swing the Katan in a slashing motion – all you have to do to get a hit is point the weapon at your target and run into them.

You can cause more damage if you hold the Katana with both hands but obviously, this prevents you from having a free hand for climbing and flying. If you use the Katana one-handed, you can dual-wield the revolver or knife with it.

Spirit mode

Spirit mode can be toggled on and off by pressing the B/Y buttons.

When in spirit mode, you deal less damage but you get a speed boost and can recover health.