Dual Pistols

Dual Pistols Stats
Damage (headshot)38/69
Damage (body shot)25/45
Damage (limb shot)19/36

The Dual Pistols give you an easy-to-reload weapon for each hand.


Advantages of using the Dual Pistols include:

  • Alternate fire mode
  • Decent damage
  • Two weapons
  • Quick to reload


Disadvantages of using the Dual Pistols include:

  • Can be difficult to aim with two guns simulataneously
  • Requires both hands
  • Bullets run out quicly
  • Short range

How to use the Dual Pistols

Using the Dual Pistols means that you get a weapon in each hand and can technically fire in two directions at once. To use the Dual Pistols, simply hold them with the grip button, aim, and fire with the trigger.

Because you have a weapon in each hand, you will not have a hand free for climbing or wall-jumping. You will also not be able to fire them when flying unless you position yourself so that your target is around 90-degrees to the side of you.

Alternate mode of the Dual Pistols can be toggled using the B/Y buttons. This switches to triple-fire mode, where three bullets are fired at once like a sort of mini-shotgun. The higher dame number in the stats box above refers to triple-mode.

Triple-mode does a lot more damage but reduces the number of rounds you have by 1/3, so effectively, you only get six shots before reloading rather than the eighteen shots you get in normal mode. Also, be aware that in triple-mod, the three bullets spread the further you are from your target (just like the shotgun), so you need to be up close to use them effectively.

Although the damage of the Dual Pistols may seem low, remember that these numbers are per uzi, so if you hit the target with both weapons, you effectively double these numbers.

How to reload the Dual Pistols

To reload the Dual Uzis, simply point them down towards the ground.