Gun Raiders VR

Welcome to the unofficial site for Gun Raiders news, tips and information.

What is Gun Raiders?

Gun Raiders is a first-person shooter (FPS) for the Oculus/Meta Quest virtual reality headset developed by Gun Raiders Entertainment Inc.

The game is 100% free to play and is available from the Oculus Store and App Lab. It can be played on Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 but is not yet available on other VR systems and stores such as Steam VR, PCVR, PSVR etc. It is also not available for Oculus Rift.

As such, there is no crossplay of Gun Raiders between different systems.

Where can I get gameplay tips?

We have a dedicated page for Gun Raiders Tips & Tricks. You may also find our Gameplay and Weapons pages useful. You can also join the official Gun Raiders Discord group or check out the official Gun Raiders website to find out more information.

What are Raider Coins?

There is an option to buy Raider Coins, which is a sort of in-game currency, but all this does is allow you to buy skins for your avatar and weapons. It is not a pay-to-win game and all players have the same weapons and health.

You can also use Raider Coins to buy a seasonal Battle Pass (every three months), which allows you to unlock more skins.

What is the Age Rating for Gun Raiders?

Currently, Gun Raiders has a PEGI 12 age rating, which means that it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12.

However, parental guidance is still recommended for children that are over 12 because players are able to talk to one another through the Oculus Quest’s in-built microphone, so there is no censorship over what can be said.

Although the majority of players are cool, there is swearing and occasionally there will be some idiots spouting out racial and homophobic slurs. So, this is something parents should be aware of.

The developers do take toxicity seriously and have policies in place to regulate inappropriate behaviour, however, it does unfortunately still happen. There are options to mute yourself and other players and report offending players, although you will need proof of their rule-breaking from a screen recording.

Does Gun Raiders Get Updated Regularly?

Gun Raiders has an active development team and there are updates on at least a monthly basis. Some of the things that are introduced with updates and patches include:

  • New weapons
  • New maps
  • New game modes
  • New skins
  • Weapon rebalancing

A roadmap of the development pipeline can be accessed from the official Gun Raiders website.

Can You Get Motion Sickness Playing Gun Raiders?

Personally, I’ve never suffered from motion sickness whilst playing VR games but some people do experience dizziness and nausea. For many folks, regular short gaming sessions over a period of a couple of weeks can help to build their tolerance.

Using the snap-turn feature can help reduce motion sickness – this is when spinning left or right is not smooth but performed in 45-degree increments. Personally, I find this feature annoying and it makes it more difficult to aim, so I always use smooth turning. This option can be found in the settings.

Are There Any Other Games Like Gun Raiders?

There are several games that are similar to Gun Raiders, but in my opinion, Gun Raiders is the best. The only one that I have played that comes close is Pavlov Shack, however, this can only be downloaded to Oculus Quest via App Lab.