There are currently ten weapons that can be used in Gun Raiders and all weapons are accessible to all players.

Weapon Wheel

Players can change their current weapon by holding down the A or X buttons to bring u the weapon wheel and selecting a weapon from the list. The first page of the weapon wheel shows six weapons. Pressing the A/X button again brings up the second page of the weapon wheel.

Alternative Fire

In addition, some weapons have an alternate fire option, which can be toggled using the B/Y buttons:

  • Assault Rifle – shoots in bursts instead of continuous fire
  • SMG – turns on a laser sight
  • Sniper Rifle – quicker rate of fire but less damage
  • Shotgun – very powerful single shot (close range)
  • Grenade Launcher – switches to harmless smoke grenades that create an opaque dome to hide from opponents
  • Dual Pistols – fire three shots at once (sort of like a mini-shotgun)
  • Minigun – slower rate of fire but more damage
  • Katana – switches to spirit mode, which gives a speed boost and health regeneration but reduces damage

The weapons are very well-balanced, with each offering certain advantages and disadvantages.

Knife and Revolver

All players have access to a revolver, which is usually located in a holster on the right hip. And the knife can be spawned directly in either hand by holding down both the grip and trigger together.

Weapon Damage & Capacity

The table below shows how much damage each weapon causes when there is a direct hit to the head, body or limb of an opponent. It also shows the capacity of each weapon magazine or how many shots you get before you have to reload. Click on a weapon to reveal more information about it.

WeaponDmg (Head)Dmg (Body)Dmg (Limb)Capacity
Assault Rifle45302330
Sniper Rifle200100755
Sniper Rifle (alt) 10050385
Shotgun (alt)3003003001
Minigun (alt)726045150
Grenade Launcher2002002006
Dual Uzis23151232
Dual Pistols42282118
Dual Pistols (alt)6945366
Katana (2-handed)2116246n/a
Rocket Launcher2002002001
Weapon Damage and Capacity

How to reload all the weapons

The video below shows how to reload all the weapons in Gun Raiders (except rocket launcher – video coming soon):