Patch – New map, weapon and gameplay mechanics

One of the biggest updates in a while introduces new weapons and gameplay mechanics.

This is one of our biggest updates yet! Jammed packed with new features like Rocket Launchers, spectator mode, power up potions, new map: PIT, new mutators, updated DUNE map, custom jetpacks and more! Shout out to the community testing team for helping us with testing all these new features!

– New close quarters map: PIT (can you find the giant pit entrance in Dune?)
– New weapon: Rocket Launcher (pro-tip you can shoot rockets out of the air)
– 14 player non-hub games (used to be 10 players)
– Custom painted avatars (if you’re interested in painting your own avatar, check out our Discord for the files)
– Spectator mode is back (only available in private games)
– Potions added to hub maps give you super powers like being a giant juggernaut or having infinite fuel!
– Revolvers only mutator
– Gauntlets only mutator
– Big Head mutator (headshot damage is halved)
– Custom Jetpacks and Jetpack Trails in the store
– Dune has been updated with some additional combat zones and new safe zones
– Rifts at the ground floor of Dune help you get back up quick
– Options for different sight colors – SMG Fire Rate Buff
– Shotgun Alt Fire Nerf (increased spread)
– Fixed bug where you could kill players outside of store while you remained invincible
– Fixed bug where you couldn’t join private games via the friends list
– Kills in hub should be properly tracked now for stats
– Many other bug fixes (edited)

Lebo – Gun Raiders Dev

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