Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

On this page, you can find a brief tutorial as well as tips and tricks to help improve your gameplay.


For anyone new to the game, I would suggest practicing and mastering skills in the following order. You should follow the in-game tutorial first and then use this as a guide to enhance your technique. Practice in the safe zone of the hub first of all before flying over to the combat zone and testing out your skills.

1. Master movement

If you’ve played first-person VR games before, you should comfortable with basic movement – going forwards and backwards and strafing left and right using the left thumbstick and rotating clockwise and anticlockwise using the right thumbstick.

I would also suggest toggling on smooth rotation in the settings as it is much easier to control and much more comfortable than the jerky snap rotation.

2. Master your jetpack

The next thing to practice is your jetpack.

Press up on the right thumbstick and you will jetpack high into the air. As you use the jetpack, you will see the jetpack power bar deplete. Start to get an idea of how much power you can get out of the jetpack before it is fully depleted. If you are in the air when it runs out, you will plummet to the ground (but this doesn’t cause you any damage).

Next, combine your jetpack with movement using the left thumbstick and start to get a fell for how you can move around in mid-air.

3. Master flying

Although it’s called flying, it is actually more like gliding because you fall at a slow descent (and can move forward more quickly).

To fly, simply extend one or both of your arms to the side whilst in the air. You will need some jetpack power to do this but it depletes very slowly compared to jetpacking.

Combining flying with movement allows you to travese the map much more quickly than walking. Flying also allows you to stay in the air for longer periods of time.

A technique that some players use to fly around maps is to jetpack up so their feet are just off the ground, then extend their arms and move forwards. Just before their feet touch the floor, they jetpack up again and continue moving. You can cover a lot of ground very quickly doing this and jetpack power depletes very slowly.

4. Master dashing

Dashing gives you a quick boost forwards but depletes about a third of your jetpack power. You dash by flicking down on the right thumbstick.

You dash on ground level and in mid-air and should practice both. You should also practice combining the dash with movement (left thumbstick) so that you know how to dash in different directions.

Dashing is useful for running for cover (e.g. if you feel a shot hit you from behind). It is also very effective for winning one-on-one duels because a dash or two to the side makes it harder for your opponent to hit you and you will be able to kill them before they kill you.

5. Master climbing

The next thing to learn is climbing.

You can grab onto walls, ceilings and other objects using the grip button on either controller (as long as your hand is empty). To climb, reach upwards with your other hand and grab the wall, then release your grip with the first hand and move the second hand downwards. Repeat this action to climb up walls.

With practice, you can scale walls very quickly, however, it does mean that you aren’t able to hold a gun. An alternative method of climbing which uses one hand (walljumping) is described below but it is tricky to get the hang of, hence, it is later in the tutorial.

6. Master the weapons

Now you know how to move elegantly and effectively, it’s time to learn how to use each of the weapons. Weapon stats and information about about how to use and reload weapons can be found in the weapons section.

I would recommend trying out all the weapons before deciding which ones you like best and which ones to specialise in. They are all pretty well balanced, offering their own advantages and disadvantages. You can practice firing in the Shooting Range but to really get a feel for them, you need to play competitively.

For beginners, I would recommend the Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, SMG or Dual Pistols. The Minigun is also an option but it takes so long to warm up, it can quickly become frustrating.

With practice, you will become comfortable with all the weapons and be able to switch between them depending on the situation. For example, you could take out an opponent in the distance with the Sniper Rifle, kill a couple more opponents with the Assault Rifle, switch to the Katana (spirit mode) to heal, then fire a grenade towards several players in a group.

7. Master wall-jumping

Wall-jumping is tricky to master but totally worth the effort because you can bounce around maps quickly whilst still holding a weapon.

To wall-jump, grab a wall with your free hand, then quickly snap your arm in the opposite direction to which you want to go and let go of the grip. So, if you want to go up, pull down with your controller. When you let go of the grip, you will be propelled forwards a short distance and can grab back onto the wall with your free hand.

Wall-jumping can be combined with jetpacking and dashing to cover further distances.

The technique is quite physical (so you also get a bit of a workout) and, with practice, you can traverse maps with very little walking or jetpacking.

Another benefit of moving around using wall-jumps is that your jetpack power will always be full for when you need it most.

Tips & Tricks

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