Minigun Stats
Damage (headshot)35/72
Damage (body shot)30/60
Damage (limb shot)23/45

The Minigun is a rapid-fire weapon that sprays lots of bullets and can mow down several opponents at once.


Advantages of using the Minigun include:

  • Fast rate offfire
  • Decent damage
  • High bullet capacity


Disadvantages of using the Minigun include:

  • Takes time to warm up and start shooting
  • Requires two hands to use
  • Cannot be reloaded

How to use the Minigun

The Minigun is great for taking out several opponents at once but you have to hold it with both hands to fire, so it can’s be used in conjunction with climbing or flying.

Once you press the trigger the barrel will start to spin but it takes a few seconds before bullets start spewing out.

Alternate fire mode is accessed by pressing the B or Y buttons. In this mode, the rate of fire is severely decreased but more damage is caused by each bullet.

The minigun holds 150 bullets, but once these are spent, there is no way that I know of reloading it, so you have to switch to a different weapon until you are killed and respawn.

How to reload the Minigun

The minigun can not be reloaded.