Valentine’s Day Update

Valentine’s Day saw the release of Patch, which made changes to several weapons, increased the player capacity of the hub and added functionality to create your own customer weapon wheel.

And, as a bonus, the developers have given away 300 Raider Coins to all players.

Check out the patch notes below:

Patch Notes – Increased Hub Capacity, New Alt Fires, Custom Weapon Wheel, Weapon Buffs, Free Raider Coins

Hub games now increased from 10 player max to 14 players. Other map size increases coming soon. Katana has a new Slash alt fire which increases damage but with reduced walk speed. To activate katana power ups you must now hold the trigger. Sniper received a semi-auto alt fire with rapid fire shots that has less damage per shot. A new Loadout button in the locker will allow you to customize your weapon wheel gun slots. Oh and Happy Valentine’s! You’ll find 300 free Raider Coins in the store. Grab it while it lasts and buy some exclusive Valentines skins or new Dual Uzi skins.

– Hub max players increased from 10 -> 14

– 300 Free Raider Coins for Valentines Day

– Browse games has been replaced by the updated Map Terminal behind the HQ

– Katana new Slash Alt Fire mode

– Sniper new Semi-auto Alt Fire mode

– Customize Weapon Wheel

– Shotgun Buff: Spread and recoil reduced

– Shotgun reload improvement – no longer need to hold down trigger button to reload

– Revolver Buff: Recoil reduced

– Players walking inside of walls will now be killed

– A handful of main menu options have moved into the Pause Menu

Lebo – Gun Raiders

Players can find the free Raider Coins in the item shop. To get them, simply grab the heart icon with the grip button and hold it above your head for a few seconds.

This update also saw a fix for the glitch where players could hide inside walls and other objects (such as the Christmas Tree) and effectively be invulnerable. This was achieved by standing next to an object and then taking a step forward (IRL). If players try this now, they will be instantly killed, which is awesome 🙂

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