Shotgun Stats
Damage (headshot)180/300
Damage (body shot)120/300
Damage (limb shot)90/300

The Shotgun is a short-range, high-damage weapon that used to be one of the best weapons in the game until it was nerfed.


Advantages of using the Shotgun include:

  • High damage


Disadvantages of using the Shotgun include:

  • Short range
  • Spread (more spread the further you are away from your target)
  • Only holds 4 cartridges
  • Tricky reloading

How to use the Shotgun

The shotgun should only be used in very close quarters, to ensure that all fragments of the cartridge hit your opponent and don’t spread away from them.

Although it causes high damage up close and when aimed at the head, other players will often pick you off before you get this close. The Katana is a viable alternative if you are getting very close to an opponent, although the shotgun can be used from slightly further away.

The new alternate fire mode only gives you a single cartridge to fire before you have to reload but it causes 300 damage (as long as you are close enough to the opponent that they are in the entire blast radius).

How to reload the Shotgun

To reload the Pump-action Shotgun:

  1. Grip the barrel of the shotgun with your free hand
  2. Pull the forestock towards you to release the spent cartridges
  3. Push the forestock away from you to reload