On this page, we will explore basic gameplay, which includes control, movement, game modes and settings.

Game Controls

The basic controls are shown in the diagram below:

  • Left thumbstick -move forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Right thumbstick – rotate clockwise/anticlockwise, jetpack (up), forwards boost (down)
  • Right/left grips – grab and hold weapon/ammo or climb
  • Right/left triggers – fire weapon/select menu item
  • X/A buttons – eject magazine or hold to display weapon choice wheel
  • Y/B buttons – select alternative fire option on some weapons
  • Pause button – show Gun Raiders Menu
  • Oculus button – show Oculus menu


All players have a jetpack, which can be used to fly around the map.

By pressing the up button on the right controller, the player will shoot vertically up into the air. When combined with the other directional controls, the player can fly around.

There is, however, a limit to how much the jetpack can be used. Players get about 6 seconds of use before the power runs out. It takes about 5 seconds of non-use to fully recover jetpack power.


Flying can help players to travel longer distances whilst conserving jetpack power.

When a player is in the air, they can outstretch one or both of their arms to glide. This only consumes a small amount of jetpack power – technically, players are still falling but at a very slow rate. Jetpack power can not be recovered whilst flying.


Dashing/boosting is performed by pulling back on the right control stick and is used to propel the player forward a short distance at a fast pace. Dashing can be used in conjunction with the left control stick to alter the direction that the player boosts in.

Dashing uses about a third of your jetpack power.


It is possible to hold onto walls, ceilings and objects using the grip trigger. Your jetpack can recharge whilst you hold on to a wall.

You can also climb walls by reaching up with alternate hands and pulling yourself up, however, this does mean that you need to have both hands free so you have to drop your weapon.

There is an alternative way to climb using one hand, which means you are able to keep a grip on your gun. This is known as wall-jumping and takes a bit of practice to learn. Whilst holding onto a wall with one hand, flick your hand in the opposite direction that you wish to go and let go of the grip trigger. This will propel you forwards. Then reach out and grab the wall again with the grip trigger. You can use this in conjunction with the dash to travel further.


Overshield is a type of purple/pink armour that players get if they are killed multiple times without getting a kill themselves. When they respawn, they will be given overshields to help them to last a bit longer before they die. It is helpful for newer players as they essentially have twice as much health as players that do not have overshield. Overshields can be stacked.

If a player with overshield gets a kill, they will not have overshield at their next respawn.

The main difference between normal and hardcore game modes is that there are no overshields in hardcore.


Settings can be accessed by pressing the pause menu on the left controller. The settings that can be configured are split into three categories; controls, audio and gameplay.


SettingWhat it does
RotationSmooth or snap rotation (snap rotation spins the player around in increments when flicking left/right on the right thumbstick)
Snap AngleIf using snap rotation, this setting configures how many degrees a player will rotate with each flick of the right thumbstick
Smooth Sensitivityxxx
Rotate DeadzoneSets the sensitivity of the right control stick
Move DeadzoneSets the sensitivity of the left control stick
Swap dash and jetpackChanges the controls so that flicking down on the right controller activates the jetpack and up activates the dash
Swap JoysticksSwitches the left and right controllers
Control Settings


SettingWhat it does
Volume: GameSets the volume for in-game music and sound effects
Volume: ChatSets the volume for voice chat
Enable MicToggles the player’s microphone on and off
Mute All PlayersTurns off voice chat
Spatialize Voice ChatIf turned on, voice chat is quieter the further the players are apart in the game
Audio Settings


SettingWhat it does
Side Arm PositionConfigures the location of the revolver holster
Jetpack Comfort Modexxxx
Enable Kill FeedWhen turned on, information about who killed who is displayed in the top right
Enable Mic FeedWhen turned on the name of the player currently speaking is shown in the top left
Enable All HUDxxxxx
Gameplay Settings

Game modes

There are currently five game modes:


This is the starting game mode – the place you appear when when you first load up the game.

It is split into a safe zone and a combat zone.

In the safe zone, you are impervious to damage and can:

  • Check your Battle Pass progress and unlock any skins that you have earned
  • Check your progress towards your daily and weekly goals
  • Change your current avatar and weapon skins
  • Purchase a Battle Pass, Battle Pass Levels and Skins with Raider Coins in the Item Shop
  • Check yourself out in the mirror or use the green screen
  • Join a game

In the combat zone, you can do whatever you like. It is good for practicing manouvres and shooting and just having a general piss about.


Assault is a team game. Players must get to their opponent’s tower on the opposite side of the map to score points, whilst defending their own tower.


Control is another team-based game, where opposing team vie for control a certain area of the map. When a team member stays in the control area for around 8 seconds, their team gains control of it and a counter starts. If the opposing team gains control of the area, then their counter starts. When a team’s counter reaches 100, they win.


In a free-for-all game, players wander around the map killing each other The player with the most kills at the end of the allotted time wins.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is very similar to free-for-all, however, it is the team with the most kills that wins.


Seasons last for three months and during this time you have the chance to climb the levels and unlock skins and Raider Coins. At the end of a season, everyone’s level is reset back to zero. The start of a new season introduces new maps and gameplay mechanics.

You can buy a Battle Pass for a one-off fee each season (see below).

  • Season 1: Nexus (Jan-Mar 2022)
  • Season 2: Sandstorm (Apr-Jun 2022)


The default maps change with each Battle Pass season, however, you are still able to play on older maps.

Season 1

  • Nexus (Hub)
  • Fort (Assault)
  • Club (Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch)

Season 2

  • Dune
  • Temple
  • Pit

Raider Coins

Raider Coins can be earned by grinding through levels or buying with real money.

You can use Raider Coins to purchase Skins (both avatar and weapons), a Season Battle Pass or Battle Pass Levels.

Battle Pass

A season lasts three months and during this time players earn XP by playing Gun Raiders and by completing daily and weekly goals. Attaining certain levels unlocks skins, however, players that have purchased a Battle Pass can unlock prizes at every level.