Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher Stats
Damage (headshot)200
Damage (body shot)200
Damage (limb shot)200

The Rocket Launcher is a high damage weapon that can instakill on a direct hit to any area of an opponent.


Advantages of using the Rocket Launcher include:

  • Does lots of damage
  • Decent range


Disadvantages of using the Rocket Launcher include:

  • Only one rocket can be loaded at a time
  • Must hold with both hands to fire

How to use the Grenade Launcher

Like the Minigun, the Rocket Launcher must be held with both hands to fire

Like the Grenade Launcher, you only need to worry about hitting your opponent – you don’t need to aim for their head to do maximum damage because it causes 200 damage no matter where the grenade hits them. If you do not get a direct hit, the rocket will explode when it hits something (e,g a wall, box etc.). If your opponent is nearby, the rocket can still cause some damage when it explodes – the closer they are to it, the more damage is caused.

The rocket launcher does not have an alternate fire option.

How to reload the Rocket Launcher

To reload the Rocket Launcher:

  1. After firing, reach down to your left hip with your free hand and grab a fresh rocket with the grip trigger
  2. Transfer the fresh rocket to the Rocket Launcher and release the grip trigger