How to Kill a Juggernaut in Gun Raiders

The new update brought juggernauts to Gun Raiders and whilst they are most definitely OP, they are not invincible. But, let’s face it, you’re going to have to have several spawns to kill one if you’re not a juggernaut yourself – particularly if they have a little gang of juggs all protecting one another. The … Read more

Gun Raiders Juggernaut: WTF is the point?

The latest patch bought with it potions, which are a fun way of getting additional time-bound (5 minutes) abilities. Whilst I love the idea of this and I do think it makes the game interesting to have abilities such as infinite fuel, regeneration and always-on radar, I feel that the Juggernaut potion is pointless! This … Read more


Like the previous update, not a lot going on here. Just a few bug fixes and aesthetic additions. Users reporting loading issues should hopefully be resolved with this patch. Thanks for your patience while we work through these issues. Also some camp grounds have been set up in Dune. – Loading screen fix – Tents … Read more


The Easter update has a few Easter treats, such as an Easter Egg hunt and the grenade launcher firing eggs but there’s nothing important in this update. There’s a hidden egg somewhere in Gun Raiders. 300 RC for anyone who finds it! Thank you to everyone who has been patient with the loading screen bug. … Read more


The latest patch brings us some bug fixes and changes to gameplay. With our larger levels, we’ve increased glide speed and the amount of fuel you have in your jetpack. Want to always get sent back to a Hardcore hub? We also added a difficulty toggle into the pause menu to allow you to pick … Read more


A few days after Season 2 began, a patch was released to address some bugs. Perhaps the biggest thing in this patch is that the recently introduced Spectating Mode has now been disabled. Hi everyone! We’ve temporarily disabled spectating. Thanks for your patience while we further test it before releasing it back into the game. … Read more

Season 2: Sandstorm Arrives

The long-awaited Gun Raiders Season 2 is here, with desert-themed maps and changes to weapons and gameplay mechanics. Let’s take a look at the new features that come with Patch New Dune region hub (Nexus hub is still there) The new hub area is called Dune. It is a temple with underground areas and … Read more

How to Fix the Microphone in Gun Raiders

This article explains how to fix an issue in Gun Raiders where the built-in microphone won’t work due to permissions being denied – this also works for similar issues with other games. It will appear as though your player is permanently muted. The cause of the problem is that the first time you played Gun … Read more


The latest Gun Raiders patch has resolved a number of minor bugs, including the issue I reported here, with weapons flipping upside down. The patch notes are below: Patch Notes – More invincibility fixes and general bug fixes Thanks everyone for your patience while we dealt with a different invincibility related issue. We hope … Read more