Patch – Bug Fixes

Patch fixed a number of bugs stemming from the previous Valentine’s Day update.

Full details of the patch:

Browse games is back and can be found inside of the Pause menu. The vote screen at the end of a game now shows 2 random mutators. A handful of bugs related to respawning, players loading into the incorrect map, players glitching through walls, guns twitching, sniper alt fire damage, and giant player avatars have all been fixed. Good luck to those players in the VREL Official Phoenix Capital Cup on Saturday, February 19th! If you haven’t, pick up your 300 RC Valentines gift in the Item Shop before it’s gone!

– Browse games menu is back and in the Pause menu
– Respawning improvements
– Players walking through walls fixed
– Sniper alt fire bug fix
– Katana heal in slash mode fix
– Respawn in same location fix
– Numerous other bug fixes

Lebo – Gun Raiders

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