Weapon Flips 180-Degrees When Using Jetpack

For a couple of days, I’ve had an issue where my gun flips upside down when I use the jetpack. The video below illustrates it better than I could describe with words: So far, I’ve tried: Changing all the gameplay and controls settings Restarting Gun Raiders Rebooting my headset Changing the battery in both controllers … Read more

Invincibility Hack Patched

If you’ve been playing Gun Raiders over the last few days, you may have noticed that some players have been able to exploit a glitch in the game to turn themselves golden and become invulnerable. I’ve got to say, this pissed me off because there’s no real point in playing if you can’t kill anyone, … Read more

Patch – Bug Fixes

Patch fixed a number of bugs stemming from the previous Valentine’s Day update. Full details of the patch: Browse games is back and can be found inside of the Pause menu. The vote screen at the end of a game now shows 2 random mutators. A handful of bugs related to respawning, players loading … Read more

Valentine’s Day Update

Valentine’s Day saw the release of Patch, which made changes to several weapons, increased the player capacity of the hub and added functionality to create your own customer weapon wheel. And, as a bonus, the developers have given away 300 Raider Coins to all players. Check out the patch notes below: Patch Notes … Read more